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Massimo Barchedamare is a company specializing in fixing and restructuring motor boats, yachts and sailing boats. It’s founders set up the company after having acquired years of experience and extensive expertise in the nautical sector.

Massimo Barchedamare is supported by a dynamic and versatile shipyard. The main shipyard is situated in Genoa the heart of Liguria, other branches are spread out along the whole Tirreno Gulf.

The company is supported by a team of flexible and well trained staff who work at the main tourists harbors in the region. It also works with a number of other highly specialized external companies and constantly strives to use technologically advanced instruments in order to get jobs done in the best possible way.

The professionalism and organizational structure of this company makes Massimo Barchedamare stand out from other ship yards.
The fundamental concept is that “Massimo Barchedamare reaches your boat in any port and organizes a made-to-measure shipyard service to position and work on your boat in the most suitable way.”

Services the shipyard provides:

  • Any type of partial or total repair or restructure.
  • Any type of fitting for motor boats, yachts, mega-yachts or sailing boats, using a variety of construction materials such as (VTR, carbon, wood, iron, steel or aluminum).
  • Construction and repair of teak bridges and any type of related carpentry jobs.
  • Spray-painting or brush-painting any room or area on the boat.
  • Repairs or reconstruction of internal parts and areas, carpentry and upholstery work.
  • Mechanical and electric system repairs.
  • Design and assistance concerning the boat structure, architecture or frame.